Customer Support as a Service

Make long response times (tickets, chats, and voice) a thing of the past. Banish your backlogs and free up in-house agents.

Scalable multichannel customer service on demand

Simple, pay as you go pricing. Never train us more than once.
Powered by US-based professionals. We support most industries and can do most things.


White Glove Care

We help your customers just like you would, using your brand voice, support materials and even your own systems, as long as you're genuine.

24x7 Product Support

Your customers have questions and we have answers. From pre-sales questions to post-sales tech support, we do it all for you.

Customer Analytics

We learn about your customers rapidly & we know you don't want to miss out. We provide unique insights, bug reports and call analytics.

We work with all your existing systems, including...

We support most e-commerce platforms.

Have a different system? Get in touch!

How it Works

1. Tell us what you need

Show us how you handle things by walking us through, step by step, how you want things done.

2. Connect your systems

Connect your systems to ours using a multitude of methods. Point your existing number to us for voice support.

3. Let us handle it

Now sit back and watch us work. Our operators take care of your customers and you can approve the release of tickets and suggest edits until you’re comfortable!

4. Learn about your customers

Contact and call breakdowns, recordings and digests available. We automatically flag any unique questions or tidbits that stand out to us.

5. Stay in the loop

We communicate with you using whatever medium you prefer: Slack, SMS, email, phone, tin cans, smoke signals... whatever you want.

6. Grow together

Make changes to how we work on your behalf at any time. If your volume grows, we have elastic plans available to ensure your customers get the service they deserve.

No more ticket backlogs

Start and end each day with a clear helpdesk. Let HiOperator support your customers so you can get back to doing what you do.



$4.50+/solved case
$1.25+/minute for voice

Billed monthly, $1499 minimum spend

8 hours of coverage, 5 days a week

Less expensive than staffing dedicated agents



Volume discounts? Multiple agents?

Simpler use cases? More complex use cases?

Contact us for details

14 day money back guarantee

Let HiOperator support your customers so you can get back to doing what you do.


Built by user experience and technology experts from the MIT Media Lab, Apple and Frog Design on a mission to eradicate bad customer service.

Backed by top investors in Silicon Valley.

140 9th St. San Francisco, CA 94103

+1 877-394-1893