Awesome US-Based Customer Service

Pay by ticket. Train only once. Scale on demand and never compromise on quality.

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How We Work

Train us once
We handle all of the agent recruiting, hiring, and training moving forward.
Send us tickets
We pull tickets automatically from Zendesk or your preferred vendor into our custom system.
We do the rest
Our software dynamically scales # of agents based on your ticket volume. Our workflows system ensures quality.
Stay informed
Our team leads will live in your slack to keep you up to date. Receive weekly analytics on performance.

Never compromise on quality

Our agents consistenly receive CSAT ratings as good or higher as the internal teams of our clients.

We work with all your existing systems

And many more!

On-demand Pricing

Only pay for tickets you need, scale rapidly with changes in your demand.

$2.00 - $4.00
per solved ticket
No onboarding fees
Flat rate for first month
14 day money back guarantee
$1500 monthly minimum
Change.AI, Inc.DBA HiOperator. 2018
Contact us at info@hioperator.com
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