Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to learn more about HiOperator is to shoot us a quick note at, but in the meantime, the following are a few commonly asked questions that we hope are helpful!

What exactly does HiOperator do?

Think of us as one superhuman agent. You hire and train us once. We can then scale from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of tickets as needed. You pay based on volume.

Our goal is for our CSAT score to be as good or better than yours.

Where’s the magic?

No magic, just software. We build tools in-house that empower our agents to be more efficient without sacrificing brand voice or quality. Imagine if your company’s engineers spent all of their time building better tools for your customer service team instead of building features for your customers.

That’s what we do.

But what about brand voice?

We bake processes and automation into what we do - it’s how we make sure that little details like notes, refunds, replacements aren’t forgotten - but the reply to the customer is never automated.

We try to make everything else faster so our agents can personalize genuine replies to your customers!

Too big, too small, just right? How do I know if I’m the right size to use HiOperator?

Ultimately, we want to be helpful for you. Though there are exceptions, we’ve found that if you get fewer than 1000 tickets a month, we often aren’t that impactful just because there are a lot of edge cases that require your input.

If you’re on the scale of 10,000 to 100,000 tickets a months, we can comfortably ramp up in a few weeks. If you are significantly bigger than that, we can offer partial coverage immediately, but things will be much smoother with a month or two of lead time.

Not sure where you fall? Email us at!

Who are your agents?

All of our agents are US-based - employees, not contractors. We hire the same quality, experienced agents that you would in-house and then give them the software tools to be truly excellent.

What channels do you support?

We think we’re best on text-based channels (email, SMS, chat to some extent). But, if you feel voice is absolutely necessary for your business, we do support it.

What languages do you support?

English. Inglés. Anglais. Englisch. 英語. अंग्रेज़ी.

We can Google translate anything, but, English is really our strength.

What does the onboarding process look like?

You onboard us as if you’re onboarding one very experienced customer service agent.

Week 0: Get us access to the systems you use. If you have documentation, send it across. If not, no worries! We’ll build our own in-house anyway.
Week 1: Plan for a couple hours of active time with us and then we ask that you be available via Slack for questions and clarifications. You’ll see tickets start to be solved. Internally, we’ll be busy building out your workflows!
Week 2-3: Scale!

I have a custom admin system. Can you work with that?

Yup! We are built to support just about any cloud-hosted system.

Do I manage my agents directly? What about dedicated agents?

We manage our team so you don’t have to! Your team lead sits in your Slack account and any feedback, updates and gifs can go straight to us! We ask that you treat us as one agent and we believe we’re only as good as our weakest link.

What about reporting and analytics? How do I learn from my customers?

Your team lead sits in your Slack channel and will help surface any urgent trends day to day. Depending on your business, we can also send weekly or monthly reports that include breakdowns of common issues so you know what your customers are writing in about! We start off with weekly review meetings for the first two months and then meet monthly as needed.

What does scaling with HiOperator look like?

Any projections you can give us are helpful. Our general rule of thumb is that we can handle up to a 2x surge in volume for a day or two without any heads up. But, if you’re going to 10x your marketing spend or be on TV next month, please do tell us - we’d love to watch too!

Can you do 100% of my customer support?

We can do anywhere from 10% to 99% of your customer support. Our only goal here is a stellar customer service experience for your customers and so we do ask that you have at least one dedicated point person in-house to make sure that any hairy escalations can be surfaced and responded to promptly!

Can you set up my customer service processes?

We’re not customer service consultants, but, we’re happy to set up CRM accounts and share best practices with our partners! While every business is unique, over time we’ve seen some things that work particular well and some things that don’t.

What hours of coverage do you support?

Standard plan? Pick 8 continuous hours of coverage between 8am and 11pm EST. If you get a significant amount of overnight coverage, let us know and we can build a custom quote.

Price? Just give me a price!

It’s honestly difficult for us to give you a price without knowing just a little bit more about you, your business and your systems! We believe in building long term partnerships and scaling with you as you grow and we’re confident we can find something that works.

If you really need a number to work with, you can ballpark costs at $3 per solved ticket (with a $1500/month minimum for M-F coverage). If you have a lot of one-touch tickets that don’t require additional systems access, costs will likely be a bit lower. If you have a very complex product and 5 internal admin platforms, your quote will likely be higher.

Drop us a note at! Would love to learn more about you :)